The Joys Of Comping: Small but iconic prizes.

There are some prizes everyone can get excited about – cars, cash, holidays. And then there are those prizes that seem insignificant to the untrained eye but that have become so iconic that winning them fills compers with a slightly disproportionate amount of glee. These are the ones where you win them, get all excited, tell your partner/mate/mum/the lovely neighbour who takes in your parcels and they look at you like you’re a total mad person! 

So why do these prizes, worth very little in terms of monetary value, evoke so much fondness and excitement among compers? Why do we let the pursuit of them distract us from our wishlists and big ticket items? 

Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase. The prizes that evoke this kind of response from compers are usually a daily or weekly entry with lots of opportunities to win them. They are a challenge, a quest, and like the Holy Grail, we’ve been pursuing them so long we’ve forgotten why and almost lost hope of ever getting hold of them so when we finally win them it elicits full-on dancing-round-the-kitchen happiness. Maybe it’s contagious- as there are lots of prizes, we see other compers winning them and we want in on the action. Maybe they are like a compers’ badge of honour binding us together with the other slightly mad people who share our wonderful hobby. 

Whatever the reason, we keep entering and, occasionally winning, them! The promoters must be over the moon that these promotions are so popular. I wonder how many of these you have collected so far and how many you are, slightly inexplicably, still chasing. 

The fish slice! 

Fish is the Dish (@fishisthedish) have been giving away fish slices every Tuesday on Twitter for a fair old while now, making a lot of people happy along the way. It’s also a great account to follow anyway for all the yummy recipes they post. This is the one that really gets compers excited! I haven’t managed to get my hands on a fish slice yet, but I know a lot of people have. 

The soup mug

Crosse & Blackwell ran a daily entry no-purchase necessary promotion in the spring of this year and last year, with Tesco and Asda to win a microwave soup mug and a tin of soup. I use mine all the time- they are the most fabulously useful of prizes but they were hard won. The competition was 5 entries per day and it took me until nearly the end of the promotion to get lucky (on both the Tesco and Asda ones), by which time I felt like every comper in the country had one except me!! This one was definitely about the thrill of the chase- great fun!

Churchill umbrella

Several times Churchill have run a social media competition to win umbrellas, giving away thousands of them. Let’s face it, umbrellas are a great prize- always useful, even in the middle of supposed Summer. This has evaded me up to now so I’m hoping they run it again!

Walkers football

This one is slightly different in that the balls were a runner up prize from their Snap and Share campaign, with most people trying to win PS4s or Champions League tickets but they were giving away so many that pretty much every comper must have got one! I won several balls in their 2016 football promotion as well (along with some T-shirts and a football shaped crisp bowl!). The kids like a kick about so they never go to waste! 

Jazz Apple slicer

Another regular competition, this is a freebiefriday giveaway on their Facebook page. They also giveaway other branded goodies so worth a look on a Friday. I quite fancy an apple slicer – I love a kitchen gadget! 

These are all great promotions so thank you lovely promoters for keeping us smiling ๐Ÿ˜€ 

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