Monthly Wins: October

For those who are new to the blog, I enter competitions as a hobby. You can read about why I love it here but obviously lovely prizes are a fantastic side-effect of this great hobby! 

October has been a quieter month of wins, after a flurry of September wins, but I have maintained my momentum of entering about 35 competitions a day.  
Dinner for 2

This was a Twitter competition for #NationalPoetryDay with mystery prizes for writing a poem about Jury’s Inn. I found it by doing a twitter search for the hashtag and there weren’t many entries and five prizes so I figured it was worth a go! We’ll be using the voucher for a much needed date night in a few months time. 

13,500 Nectar Points

I made sure I got the full benefit of Sainsbury’s Swipe and Win weekend at the start of the month, bagging the equivalent of £67.50 worth of nectar points, which will come in very handy for Christmas. They run these a couple of times a year and give away a bonus voucher for 200-5000 points for each £10 transaction. I put my weekly shop and another smaller shop through the self service tills, paying each time I got over the £10 threshold. It did mean my shopping took longer than usual and I did buy some extra stuff to put away for Christmas (a few pressies and biscuits/ nuts/ chocolate coins, etc) but it was well worth it. I’m on the lookout for their double up event to spend them now to get the best value from them!! 

Muffin break wrap

This was a quick form from Muffin break with a daily entry. The main prize was £1000 which sadly I didn’t win, but there were instant win prizes too. There isn’t an outlet by me so I passed this on to a friend. 

Stepback 80s Tickets

This was a competition I found through one of my regular google searches for local competitions. It was an email entry in the Shropshire Star newspaper, presumably quite low entry as I don’t think that many people in Shopshire would want tickets for a concert in Coventry! The event was great with 80s greats such as Jason Donovan, Kim Wilde, T’Pau and Paul Young, and the tickets were on sale for a massive £50 each so it is definitely not something my budget would have stretched to!! I was on a majorly sleep-deprived week unfortunately and didn’t have the energy to go myself but I gifted the tickets to some friends who had an awesome time. 

Captain Birdseye Toy

This is from a purchase necessary competition on Birdseye products to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  They are giving away loads of them so look out for a promotional pack and enter at here by 26/11/17.

Emoji Lunchbox 

This was from the daily entry Express Your Selfie prize draw with Cheesestrings. You can enter three times a day (although it only lets me submit two entries for some reason) until 30th November without needing to purchase anything so worth a go. 
Onwards and Upwards
I have entered a huge heap of creative Halloween competitions the last couple of days so fingers crossed for a few winning announcements to start November. I have also finally got Tweetdeck set up and figured out how to use it thanks to this great video tutorial on the Glam & Geeky Mum blog. This was on my Comping New Year’s Resolutions in January- better late than never!! It will hopefully help me find lots of low entry competitions in the run up to Christmas. 

I’m all ready to go for the festive season now. You can read what I’ve been doing to get ready for Comping Christmas Chaos here.

Fingers crossed for a lucky festive period folks. Good luck. 


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