The Joys Of Comping: Preparing for the Festive Season

The run up to Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone but in the comping world it is manic! Lots of brands run giveaways of Christmas goodies as it is the season of goodwill, there are photo competitions a plenty, and then there are the advents. If you are new to comping and have no idea what the advents entail check out this post for some top tips. With so many competitions to enter (and a whole load of other Christmas jobs to squeeze in at some point!), it pays to get organised well in advance. 

Every comper approaches the festive season in a different way. I find trying to do all the advents way too much to squeeze in so my strategy is to pick my few favourite of the advents to do every day, focussing on local competitions & kids brands. I also enter as many creative competitions as I can find, and google ordinary competitions for items on my wishlist while everyone else is hopefully distracted with the advents!! 

Things I’ve done over the last few weeks to get organised & ready to go: 


I’ve been through my junk folder and unsubscribed from loads of newsletters that I no longer need, just keeping my favourite brands and local companies. This will make checking for new competition announcements and Wins much easier. 

Twitter lists

I love twitter comps and enter quite a lot on there. To make it easier to find competitions I have set up a Twitter list of local companies/  venues, and another of all my favourite kids brands. I already use a twitter list of other compers as a great place to find competitions. If you are a member of the Lucky Learners Facebook page, you can find a link to their twitter list on the pinned post.


I’ve finally got Tweetdeck set up thanks to the fantastic video tutorial  on the Glam & Geeky Mum blog. This was on my Comping New Year’s Resolutions and I’m hoping it will making finding low entry competitions easier. I’ve got columns set up to search win in my local twitter list and my kids brands list. Now I’ve got it working on my iPad instead of my clunky old laptop, it’s proving much easier to use. 


I’ve already dressed my daughter up in her Xmas finest for a couple of early photo competitions so those photos are ready and I’ve dusted off last year’s decorations/ tree photos plus a couple of other Xmas photos that might be useful. I just need to sort out a Christmas jumper selfie. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

I love keyboard shortcuts and use them all the time to save me typing the same things like my address and stupidly long email. I’ve added shortcuts for my favourite Christmas film and Christmas joke, as these are often asked for in festive competitions. 

Wish list

I’m focussing on these as my top priority as I try and win things for Christmas. 

  1. PS4 (for the big boys)
  2. Balance bike (the my little boy)
  3. Jumperoo type thing (for bubba) 
  4. Anything Postman Pat/ In the Night Garden/ Lego /Minecraft
  5. Baby toys 
  6. A posh advent calendar (for me!)
  7. A new Christmas tree

Google searches

I already have google searches set up for most of my wish list items; I just have a few more to set up and save in my favourites. I find this saves me time, typing the same searches in each time; I can just work my way down the list of links. 

Advent Links

On the first of December, I will save the links for the daily advent competitions that I want to enter into my favourites for easy access and to remind me! 

A big thank you to Di Coke at SuperLucky blog (the Queen of Comping Organisation) for all her advice – it has really streamlined and focussed my comping. Check out her tips on getting organised for festive comping here.

I hope the festive season brings you lots of lovely goodies, but most of all have fun! The advent season can be overwhelming so check out these tips for staying sane if it all gets a bit much. 


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