The Joys Of Comping: November Wins

Christmas is looming and I started the month with great intentions to enter loads but then the chaos of preparations for the PTA Xmas Fayre set in and I had a few weeks of hardly entering any! So, all things considered, it has been a fairly successful month. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

This was a simple like and tag a friend Instagram competition on Herbal Essences that I found through IG search. Toiletries are always handy! 

Fruit pot 

This was from a Halloween photo competition with Nature’s Finest on twitter. I tweeted them a cute photo of my two littlies dressed as pumpkins and it did the trick. There were only 40 entries in this for 5 prizes so great odds. The first prize I received sadly didn’t survive the journey (it had burst and the juice had soaked through) but they were very quick to apologise and send a replacement. It was very yummy. 

£50 Amazon voucher and £60 Laundrapp vouchers

This was another creative Halloween competition, this time on IG. It asked for a photo of a monster made out of laundry and this was my entry:There weren’t many entries in this and the judges liked my cute, happy monster. I’m looking forward to trying this Landry service- there is always plenty of washing in our house!

Emoji Stickers 

This was from the daily entry selfie creator competition promoted on cheesestrings (although it was no purchase necessary). I had to create a silly face using the faces and stickers provided. I did enter this most days and also managed to win a lunchbox in October which arrived this month. These will make good stocking fillers.

Tickets for the Festive Gift Fayre

I actually won 4 tickets for this!! One set was from MamaGeek on Twitter that I found using Tweetdeck and I have no idea where the other set came from as they had no covering note unfortunately. I’ve won tickets to this event at the NEC in a couple of previous years and enjoyed it so I set up a google search and bookmarked it, finding and entering quite a few different competitions. I only needed the one ticket in he end so I passed the others onto a a couple of ladies that live near me. 

A box of books 

This was from a like and tag competition on Instagram with Mumsnet. I tagged the lovely Emma Gough and they are sending us both a set of books – result! These will come in handy for my eldest for Christmas as he is a big reader. 

Bad Dad book

This was another Instagram competition, this time with isparent.mag, which only had 16 entries. I found it by a quick search on the freebiefriday hashtag. 

£250 worth of Knex for School

Very excited about this one- the kids are going to love it! I entered this ages ago and it was a simple web form but only open to teachers which would have reduced the entry numbers considerably. They are coming to present the Knex to the school in a few weeks, and take photos for the press! 

Onwards and upwards for December; I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few good wins to boost my Christmas cheer! If you are interested in how I’ve prepared for the festive comping season, check out this post.

Stay lucky x


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