2018 New Year’s Comping Resolutions 

A few days ago I reviewed how 2017 went for me but now it’s time to look forward to 2018.

Every year I make a regular New Year’s Resolution (which I never stick to). This year my New Year’s Resolution is to take better care of my skin; I’ve pretty much lost interest already and it’s only January 2nd! 

But I seem to have more success with sticking to my Comping Resolutions as they focus me on achieving something I actually care about putting time into. 

1. To use Tweetdeck regularly to search for competitions. 

2. To hone my search terms to get the best out of my searches on Tweetdeck and google.

3. To figure out how to set up Google Alerts. 

4. To be more focussed with my comping time; to concentrate on my wish list rather than getting distracted by impulsively entering random things I stumble across. 

This year I really need to use my comping time better, as I go back to work in March and will have much less free time. 

I’m anticipating a significant dip in the amount of competitions I will be able to enter so I’m aiming for a total of 50 prizes in total (an average of a win per week). 

Another longer term goal to come back to at a later date, possibly later in the year,is to apply to be on a TV ganeshow. I need to psyche myself up for it first! 

Fingers crossed! Be lucky x


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