So You Want To Be A Comper: Where Do You Start? 

Are you looking for a new hobby to kick off the New Year? Maybe you’ve seen a friend do well as a Comper and wonder how to go about it. There are a few things to consider before you begin. 

  1. Practicalities – An internet connection and either a smartphone, tablet or laptop is pretty all you need in terms of equipment. The vast majority of competitions are either online or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Listings of current competitions can be found on sites such as ThePrizefinder, Loquax and Competition Database. 
  2. Pointers – Like any new hobby it is well worth picking up a few tips from more experienced compers. I can highly recommend the SuperLucky blog written by the Queen of Comping Di Coke which is full of tips and video tutorials. The Lucky Learners Facebook group is also a fantastic resource made up of compers ranging from the vastly experienced to the complete newbie. 
  3. Patience – You will not win right away. Lots of the competitions you enter may not even close for weeks or even months. It is a waiting game. But keep entering while you are waiting- it fills the time! 
  4. Positive thinking – If you think you are wasting your time and you aren’t going to win anything, why bother. Believe you can be successful and put the time into making it happen.  Focus on your successes rather than your failures (consider making a photo album, spreadsheet or scrap book of wins to look back on). 
  5. Pals – It really is worth getting to know other compers. Comping is a very social hobby. You often need to tag people in competition entries on social media and comping friends are a valuable source of new competitions to enter. Besides, non-comping friends just don’t get it! There are threads on Lucky Learners for matching up comping friends on different social media platforms or look for a Compers group local to you, e.g. Coventry Compers, West Midlands Compers. 
  6. Plan – You don’t need a five-year plan or anything but it is useful to have a few organisational tricks up your sleeve. A notebook is handy to jot down creative comp ideas, things to come back to, closing dates for purchase necessary competitions you want to enter, etc. 
  7. Pick – Make a wish list of prizes you would like to win. Maybe you need a new phone, you would love to win the newest toy on the block for your little one’s birthday, you’ve always wanted to go to a Wimbledon or you would really love a spa day. You may not get them all, but writing a list helps you to focus on which competitions to enter and where to find them. Stick your list someone you can refer back to it regularly. 
  8. Prioritise- You can’t enter everything and not all competitions are created equal so it pays to focus. Avoid competitions which are spammy, watch out for scams and if you have limited time, don’t waste it entering competitions with thousands of entries to win a comb. Instead, go back to that wish list and focus on the prizes you really want to win. Try searching for those wish list prizes using google, or Twitter search. See these handy guides from SuperLucky and Glam and Geeky Mum for tips on how to use search engines to find competitions. Also remember to look out for lower entry competitions e.g. local competitions and creative competitions as you stand better chance of winning these. 
  9. Play to your strengths – If you are a whizz at video editing, a keen cook, or have a way with words, look out for competitions where you can use these skills. A lot of people don’t even attempt these kind of competitions so they really are worth having a go at. You don’t have to be an expert either – a lot are drawn at random. 
  10. Persevere – Many new compers give up within the first couple of months, but like any new skill or hobby, you become more successful with practice. You wouldn’t take up baking and expect to be on master chef the next week. There are bound to be a few burnt offerings along the way and comping is no different. 

Now what are you waiting for, go get started. Good luck! 

P.S. If you want a kick start,try signing up for SuperLucky Bootcamp, starting on Monday 8th January. 

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