How to Make A Bone Necklace From Salt Dough: Stone Age Fancy Dress

I had a mad panic the other night when a lovely Mummy friend gave me the heads up that next Friday the boy has a dressing up day at school. Not a nice straight forward theme I could raid the dressing up box for either- Stone Age fancy dress to launch his new topic at school. I’m sure they will have a fun day and learn lots from it but fancy dress at short notice is always a parent’s worst nightmare. 

I am too stingy to buy fancy dress costumes for things like this that are only going to be worn once so I did a quick google image search on Stone Age clothing (lots of leather and fur!), and went rummaging in the cupboards to see what I could find. Unfortunately my wardrobe is totally lacking in fake fur, leather and animal prints so it wasn’t much use. 

I eventually managed to cobble together a cream pillow case that I can make into a tunic with a bit of chopping, a beige fur blanket of my daughter’s that I can pin as a cloak and a rustic looking brown leather belt. 

It will do the job well enough but needed bringing up a bit. I’d seen in google images some bone necklaces that looked the part so we decided to have a go with salt dough. 

I got the basic salt dough recipe from the Rainy Day Mum site- it’s a quick microwaveable version so perfect for doing speedily while bubba had her nap. 

What You Need
Nice and simple: 

A cup of flour,

Half a cup of salt

Half a cup of water. 

What You Do:

  • Mix the flour & salt in a bowl, add the water and mix until it forms a dough. Add a little more flour if it’s sticky. 
  • Form the dough into bone shapes. 
  • Use a thick straw to make a hole through each one.
  • The bones would also work well for burying in sand or soil for an archeological dig in which case you wouldn’t need the holes.
  • Pop the bone shapes on a plate and microwave turning them over each minute. The smaller bones took about 3 and a half minutes, the larger ones about 4 and a half. I found putting kitchen towel under them helped them dry out. 
  • Thread the bones onto garden string or natural coloured wool so they are roughly symmetrical with the smaller bones at the sides and the bigger bones in the middle. 
  • Cut the string to the right length to go easily over your child’s head and knot securely. 
  • Pour yourself a large drink and put your feet up! 

I’ll add a photo of the full costume later in the week when it’s all put together! 

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