Keeping the Kids Busy: More Easy Indoor Activities

If you missed it, you can catch up with my original post on Easy Indoor Activities To Keep the Kids Busy.

It’s a bank holiday weekend so the weather has taken a predictable nose-dive! We still bung wellies on and get out when we can but when the kids are all soggy and pile back indoors, they get bored very quickly so these are some more fun ideas to keep them out of mischief.

Living Room Disco

My kids love a living room disco – crank up the music, close the curtains to make it dark and put disco lights on YouTube on the tv 😂 Or if you want to take it really seriously, we got a disco light bulb for about £4 (that just screws into any lamp or ceiling light) that is epic ! Bring on the YMCA!

Cook up a Storm

Kids always like cooking (and especially eating!), so this is a definite winner. A quick batch of chocolate crispie cakes, or cupcakes is a nice treat or why not let them make their own sandwiches. My eight year old was so pleased with himself when I taught him how to make toast a couple of years ago (use a silicone grabber glove or toast tongs for safety). There are lots of good recipes on the I Can Cook section of the CBeebies website if you want to get a bit more adventurous and let them cook their own dinner.

Treasure Hunts

This takes a bit of setting up time but my kids love treasure hunts round the house. Why not try a Colour-themed treasure hunt for younger children or a Times Tables Treasure Hunt for older children. There is no end of different types of treasure hunts, so theme to something your child is interested in or use them as a fun way of practising things they need to learn e.g. numbers, alphabetical order, or shapes. If you have older kids, they could also devise and set up treasure hunts for each other or their younger siblings.

Beanbag Relay

Basically they just run up and down the hallway, moving all the bean bags from one end of the hall to the other as quick as they can & try to beat their time!! They can play against themselves or you can set up a leader board and they can try and beat each other. Mix it up by using different ways to move like hopping or doing 5 star jumps at each end before you can carry on. Make sure you have a go too- the kids will think it’s hilarious!

Sticky Fun

The sticking box is a perennial favourite in our house and always a good one to get out in bored moment when the kids are a bit wild and need a calm activity to chill them out a bit! Keep an ice-cream tub with cut up bits of coloured paper, cellophane, tissue, shiny foil (Easter egg wrappers are perfect!), etc so it’s ready to grab. The smalls are learning shapes and colours at the moment so it’s a fun way to learn those if you chat as they stick. Older children could make patterns, shape people, robots or any design they choose. Let them explore & see what they come up with!

If the sun ever makes a reappearance, try these outdoor activities to keep the kids busy and your boredom jar well stocked. 

And if the kids have been busy for an hour and are hungry (again!), why not try these fun snack ideas to make together.

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