The Joys of Comping: August Wins

For those of you new to the blog, entering competitions is one of my hobbies. You can read about why I love comping as a hobby in this previous post. If you fancy taking up comping as a hobby yourself why not check out this post on where to start in becoming a comper.

You may have seen in my recent post that l have set myself the challenge of winning as many prizes as I can towards Christmas. So how is it going so far? Let’s call it a promising start! Seven prizes won in August, most of which will make lovely gifts, plus an awesome practical prize to round the month off nicely.

Cocktail Set

This was from Nescafé Azera on Twitter. They were giving away lots of prizes & you just had to reply to their tweet with one of four hashtags. Thanks to Di Coke for the tip off about this one. That’s gone straight in the Christmas box.

Help Why Am I Changing? Book

This will be perfect for my 9 year-old, who asks a million questions and likes to know what is going on! He’s a little way off puberty yet but we’ve already had a few chats about it. I do think it’s worth starting these conversations early, especially as his autism can make him extra anxious about change and the unknown. This was a Toppsta book so we’ll be doing a review once we’ve read it. If you have kids who love to read and you haven’t come across Toppsta before, have a read of my Guide to Winning Books to Review from Toppsta.

Lego VW Beetle

This was a simple like and comment from Blackcircles on Facebook. My eldest loves Lego so this is going straight in the Christmas box- he will love it!

Family Ticket to Hardy’s Farm Park

This was won on the Let’s Go With The Kids site – well worth keeping an eye on as they give away lots of tickets for family days out to different places. The farm is in Lincolnshire where a lot of my family live so this will make a lovely treat for either my nephew or my niece who both have birthdays coming up soon.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Jigsaw

This was my second prize on the Mr Kipling Splendiferous Summer on pack promotion (I also won a BFG jigsaw earlier in the summer). This will be going in the Christmas box for the big one.


I won a gin and tonic hamper from @gandtclub on Instagram in their tag your gin partner in crime competition. My comping friend also won because I tagged her. Happy days! This should be going in the Christmas box, but I may be tempted to keep it!

Stamptastic Name stamps and Laundry Detergent/ Dishwasher tablets

With three lots of clothes to label for school/nursery, I go through no end of name labels so I always enter the name stamps/ label comps at this time of year- but this one has totally come up trumps. It is a bumper bundle of three name stamps (perfect for my three kids), plus an ink pad and a white clothes labelling pen. The stamps will last for years so this will save me a fortune in name labels. But as if that wasn’t fab enough, it also include 3 months supply of laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets from Smol Products!! I love winning practical things that save me money on my weekly shop so this is ideal.

So that’s August done, and we are fully in Back to school preparation mode. Check out my tips for Coping With Back To School and a Little Back To School Giveaway and I Hope September brings you lots of luck.

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Comping: August Wins”

    1. I can’t celebrate them going back just yet – only I’ve been back to school today! But come Thursday when I drop the little one at his first day in Reception, I’ll be at home with only one child 😮 That will feel like such a luxury 😂


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