The Joys Of Comping: Current Year’s Supply Competitions

A while back I wrote a post about a few of the “year’s supply” prizes I have been lucky enough to win over the years. If you missed it, you can catch up and pick up some tips on how to win a year’s supply. These are the prizes that keep on giving, the kind of prize that everyone loves to win. Do be careful that it is something that you love though- I won a year’s supply of crisps last year and by about 6 months in, we were all sick of that particular brand!

So can YOU win a year’s supply?

Of course you can! I use a simple google search to track down these kind of competitions, and there are regularly some running. Type win OR competition “year’s supply” and see what comes up. Use the search tools to restrict your results to UK and the past week or month to avoid getting too many closed competitions or irrelevant posts. Keep your eyes open for purchase necessary or creative competitions especially as these will be lower entry. If you are new to using google to find competitions, Di Coke has an excellent tutorial over on her SuperLucky blog. You can also try searching on Twitter and prize listings sites.

In the meantime, try these current competitions and maybe you’ll get lucky! Be quick – some are closing in the next couple of days.

Year’s supply of Pregnancy Supplements (can’t see a closing date)

22/10 Year’s Supply Of Pasta (London)

23/10 Year’s supply of beer

25/10 Year’s Supply Of Toothpaste

⭐️ 26/10 Year’s supply of Barcardi (Glasgow) Purchase required at specific event

28/10 Year’s Supply Of Pizza

31/10 Year’s Supply Of Jumpers

30/10 A Year’s free legal articles

31/10 Year’s Supply of Firewood

31/10 Year’s supply of Reese’s chocolates

4/11 Year’s Supply Of Bioamor-Nano (Antibacterial coating)

8/11 Year’s supply of tea

14/11 Year’s supply of coffee

21/11 Year’s supply of peanut butter

29/11 Year’s supply of ice-cream

31/12 Year’s supply of ice-cream

31/12 Year’s supply of Male Grooming Products

Win a year’s supply of Prosecco!

Some very handy prizes in there! Good luck folks 😀

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