Can Fidgetbum help with getting a better night’s sleep? Review

We were kindly gifted this new product to try from one of our favourite brands Chewigem. We’ve bought so many of their fantastic chewy bangles and necklaces over the last few years which my son finds so useful in helping him manage his anxiety, particularly when dealing with new situations or occasions when sensory overload is looming.

The Fidgetbum is a compression blanket designed to offer gentle pressure to instil calmness and aid sleep. It’s kind of like an all over hug to soothe through the night.

My 9 year-old, who is autistic and also has dyspraxia and sensory differences, and can often be a ball of energy and constant motion. This means calming down for sleep can be challenging. He has responded well to compression therapy in the past and so was really keen to try it out and see how it felt. He has a deep pressure vest which he loves and has made such a difference to his ability to cope in challenging situations and really helps him calm down when he gets anxious and overwhelmed, and he also finds squeezy hugs and massage calming so we were both intrigued as to whether the Fidgetbum would offer the same level of chill.

The Fidgetbum goes under the mattress and then zips up each side to form a kind of sleeping bag (not all the way down to the feet though if that makes sense!). It was a little bit tricky to get on the bed as it’s a cabin bed but I should think it would be much easier on a normal single bed. We found in the end it was easier to take the whole mattress off the bed, put the Fidgetbum onto it and then put the mattress back into the bed.

You can put the covers under the Fidgetbum to hold them in place if wriggling the covers off is a problem but my son is always too hot so we left the duvet on the top to add later in the evening when the house is cooler.

He found it easy to get into and then just needed to pull the zip up which he could do himself. He said it was very relaxing and, after the excitement and novelty of getting used to it the first night, he has settled to sleep better since we’ve had it. He has a weighted blanket as well that he has on for a short while to help him fall asleep but this is only supposed to be used for about 20mins at a time so I remove it once he’s asleep. I love that the Fidgetbum can stay on all night. A few nights, he hasn’t even needed the weighted blanket and has gone to sleep really calmly just with the Fidgetbum. The boy said it gives him the same sort of calm he gets from his deep pressure vest but not as strong. He’s really pleased with it and anything that helps him feel calmer at bedtime is a definite winner all round.

The Fidgetbum also folds up fairly small so we would definitely pack it to take on holiday next time as settling to sleep in different places is always more challenging and the weighted blanket is just too heavy and bulky to even consider packing!

I would definitely recommend it for anyone who needs a little sensory help to soothe them to sleep. If you want to try one out for yourself you can find full product specifications on the Chewigem website. They come in various sizes and are priced from £42.99 which is a small price to pay for a calm, settled bedtime and more sleep!!

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