The Joys Of Comping: November Wins

For those of you new to the blog, entering competitions is one of my hobbies. You can read about why I love comping as a hobby in this previous post. If you fancy taking up comping as a hobby yourself why not check out this post on where to start in becoming a comper.

You may have seen a few months back that l have set myself the challenge of winning as many prizes as I can towards Christmas. So how is it going so far? I’ve already got quite a few bits stashed away so it’s very much a case of so far so good! November marks month four of my Christmas Comping Challenge and is the last chance to really blitz essential Christmas gifts before I go out and fill the gaps with some vouchers I have stashed away. No massive prizes this month but a steady stream of treats to keep me motivated, which isn’t bag going considering I’ve had a busy month with preparations for the PTA Xmas Fayre!

£30 Wetherspoon Voucher

This was a Facebook like and comment competition run by the Skydome, a venue local to me. It was actually on in October half term but it took my a few weeks to get round to picking it up. As it was collection only it didn’t get masses of entries and it will make a good Christmas present for someone or a treat for the family.

Festive Gift Fair Tickets

These were from a local competition with YourCall, a simple web entry form. It was the second pair of tickets I have won for this fun festive event at NEC (I won the other in October), as I’ve been googling and entering loads of competitions to win them as I love the Festive Gift Fair and have really enjoyed it the last three years (I’ve never actually bought tickets because there are usually lots of comps for this one!). As I won twice I was able to bring some friends along with me and we had a great time.

Michelle Obama book

Another lovely book from Toppsta. They always come up trumps! If you’re not familiar with Toppsta check out my Guide to Winning and Reviewing Books on Toppsta . I was going to put this away for Xmas but the boy spotted the parcel with his name on!

Baby socks

I won these in a simple like and comment on the Ziggle Facebook page. I had a choice from a range of super cute designs so I picked lion and tiger ones for my friend’s new baby. They are adorable!

Pair of Tickets to the Good Food Show

This was from a web entry with Express and Star/ Shropshire Star. They quite often have NEC ticket comps – I’ve been lucky enough to win with them before. As this fell the same weekend as I was up to my eyes in our PTA’s Xmas Fayre, I decided to pass them on to another lovely lady in my local comping group who was thrilled.

National Geographic book

Another Toppsta book which my son will absolutely love- it’s all about constellations and stargazing which he is really interested in so I’ll be popping that one away for Xmas.

Parcels that arrived this month from previous months’ wins

Bagel Tin

I’ve been waiting on this for a while! Check out my September Wins post for details.

Good luck for December everyone- I hope it is filled with lots of treats and festive fun. See you on the other side for my Comping Review of the year.

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