My life is a lot like a jigsaw. There are a lot of different bits in my life: parenting an autistic 7-year-old, a toddler and a baby girl, my partner, friends, home, family, teaching, PTA, comping, thoughts, crafts, feelings, etc. Sometimes it all fits together nicely; other times it’s a mess and it’s hard to see the big picture ever falling into place. Sometimes you start getting some of the pieces fixed together but in the process you lose sight of another piece, or knock a piece off the table completely or realise your toddler has tidied up some of the pieces into a random location.

Besides the literal stickiness of my kitchen table (yes sometimes I just need to do more housework!!), I also have a reputation for being a bit jammy in the non-sticky, lucky sense. One of my hobbies is comping (entering competitions) and I’ve had quite a run of success over the last few years. But that aside, I am a very lucky person. I have a lovely home, a great man who takes me as I am and loves me for it, and three wonderful children who make me smile every single day.
This blog is a place for my random musings on the different pieces of my jigsaw and for sharing experiences I have gathered. In 7 years of parenting, 14 years as an early years teacher and 18 years as a comper, I must have picked up some useful tips to pass on to others.

Now if I could just fit the housework piece, the sleep piece, the winning the lottery piece and the not eating too much chocolate piece into the jigsaw somewhere, life would be just grand 😂